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WissensNacht Ruhr









On September 28th we will be present at the WissensNacht Ruhr. We will present a lot of information about plasmas in everyday life and also in technology. 

We would be pleased, if you come to visit us in the Blue Square in Bochum. There are knowledge bags with a science magazine, a digi-cleaner, ballpoint pen and USB stick to give away for everyone who brings a photo of a plasma that occurs in nature. The first 20 visitors with the example of a plasma occurring in nature as a solution receive a bag as a present. Legal recourse is excluded.


Masao Horiba PrizeMasao Horiba Prize for Dr. Tsankov

The Masao Horiba Prize has been awarded annually for 15 years to scientists and technical experts to honor world-leading ideas and innovations in diagnostic methods. The specific topic is selected each year from the areas promoted/represented by the HORIBA Group. The topic of this year's award was "Advanced analytical measurement technologies for the semiconductor manufacturing process". Semiconductor technologies form the foundation of today's society. In order to drive forward the constant development, many companies in the industry need new innovations - not only in the production of materials but also in the control and observation of production processes, e. g. by new diagnostic methods.

A jury of established scientists and representatives of the HORIBA Group selected the prize winners. Among them Dr. Tsanko Vaskov Tsankov from the Chair of Plasma and Atomic Physics, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy was especially distinguished. Dr. Tsankov has developed a plasma diagnostic method that allows the non-invasive determination of plasma parameters. The prize will be awarded at a ceremony in October at Kyoto University. Dr. Tsankov has received an award from the HORIBA Group for his work "Non-invasive plasma characterization using the ion velocity distribution function".


You can find out more about the prize and the prize winners here.



Project Meeting Kerkrade

Between July 11 and July 13, 2018, the first project meeting of the CRC 1316 took place in Kerkrade. Nearly 40 participants joined the event at the Abtei Hotel Rolduc during the three days. As a special guests Prof. Luís L. Alves and Dr. Antonio Tejero Del Caz presented the LisbOn KInetics (LOKI) computational tool.

At the first day, a special PhD activity took place, followed by two days intensive scientific discussions with all participants.


09. - 14.09.2018 I Photonik-Akademie 2018 von Bochum bis Greifswald

Do you have the igniting idea for the plasma research of tomorrow? You are studying nature- or engineering sciences? Apply! You can expect excursions to renowned companies, meetings with company bosses, experiments, workshops, specialist presentations as well as a colourful accompanying program. The applicationdeadline is July 15th 2018. 

Public Outreach

Prof. Dr. Achim von Keudell at TEDx

Prof. Achim von Keudell had the honour to join the TEDx event on 19th May 2018 in Bochum with a 15 minutes talk. His TEDx Talk "Extreme Plasmas for Extreme Materials" is about his current field of study the controlling and taming of these extreme plasmas, which will form the basis for future material synthesis. The overarching topic of the event was "Changing Perspectives". Only 200 tickets for the audience were available.

TEDx is a worldwide offspring of the TEDx conference series. The range of topics of the TEDx event was extremly broad covering societal and scientific challenges of the future. The video of the presentation is available here.